October 2009 Reunion

The combined 45th Year Reunion for the Class of 1964 and 44th Year Reunion for the Class 1965 was held Oct 16-18, 2009 at Shula's Hotel and Golf Club in Miami Lakes, FL.  

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Approximately 213 people attended between both days including alumni and guests, with a few guests from the Class of 1963, 1966 and one from the Class of 1952.  The Class of 1964 had 94 paid attendees and the Class of 1965 had 119 paid attendees.  A combined total of 165 attended Friday and a combined total of 169 attended Saturday.

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Golf Tournament Results:

The 2009 Stingaree Golf Tournament was held on Saturday, Oct. 17, with 16 participants and the following prizes awarded:

1st Place:     Terry Akins

2nd Place:    Alan Siebe

3rd Place:     Betty Davis

Mens Closest to Pin:          Terry Akins

Womens Closest to Pin:     Bonnie O'Neill

Mens Longest Drive:       Terry Lucas

Womens Longest Drive:   Betty Davis

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Recognized at the reunion were the following individuals:



Longest travelled:  

Anne Scott-Petri, 5,205 miles. Vienna, Austria.  

Longest travelled:

Peter Koujoumis, 1,700, Tenefly, NJ

Janice Morton, 1,300, Gary, TX

Married longest:

Paul and Sandy Lambert 43

Ted and Sallie Bridis 43

Oscar & Suzie del Mazo 42

Clara Fernandez 42

Tristan Cuadrado 42

Dayle and Richard Jacob 42

Robert Hogan 42

Susan Owens 42

Sylvia Zayas 42

Married longest:

Paul and Sandy Lambert, 43

Nelson Fonseca, 43

Alberto Barrio, 43

Bill and Marty Turso, 42

Jerry DiRocco, 42

Oscar and Suzie del Mazo, 42

Joe and Jean Hotard, 42

Cheryl Lamp 42

Most children:

Bob Housholder 6

Tony Borras 4

Tristan Cuadrado 4

Clifford Cram 4

Oscar and Suzie del Mazo 4

Clara Fernandez 4

Most children:

Joyce Abbott, 6

Michelle Doolin, 4

Oscar and Suzie del Mazo, 4

How many grandkids:

Clifford Cram 11

Ted and Sallie Bridis 8

Clara Fernandez 8

Tristan Cuadrado 8

How many grandkids:

Joyce Abbott, 13

Beverly Feldman, 7

Gary Holbrook, 7

Judith Kacher, 7

  Most great grandchildren:

Joyce Abbott, 5

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